February 7, 2018

“Two Sisters” by J. Peters

I cowered into the jumbled array of blankets and sheets; shivering, chattering, frozen.


“No, no, we won’t let that happen. The roads are blocked. We need to deal with this.”

She tightened the blankets around me, threw more logs on the fire and told the other girl to cook some food.

“That’s Sue, my step-sister. I’m Jen. You were very brave out there. The blizzard would have killed us if it wasn’t for you.”

I croaked out my name in response. My limbs seared with pain. The noises around me drifted further away.

When I awoke, an aroma fed my senses. Jen was crouched over me holding a bottle and a bowl; warm water droplets that made me salivate, then soft chewy meat in a soupy mix.

Liquid trickled down my chin. She pressed her thumb around and under my lower lip, then popped it into her mouth. Sucking and licking noises swam through my thoughts reminding me of something luscious, but the memory stayed out of reach.

Weariness dragged me lower into the bed. Each time I opened my eyes she was looking at me. I ate ravenously; coals into a steam engine fuelling the burning sensations. Sated, I dozed off.

I heard soft voices come and go; felt hard ice inside me that refused to thaw. I had no sense of time.

“We need … something else.”

Glorious heat seeped into my bones; they were each side of me, pressed close, their breath on my cheeks and legs over mine. Clasped hands lay on my belly and fingers trailed lightly through my hair. Energy radiated through me.

I tried to speak, but Jen placed a long, sleek finger on my lips while whispering escaped hers. “You still need rest. You look feverish.”

I nodded. Sue lay on my chest, and I instinctively placed my hand over her. Jen sidled in closer, her cheek against mine. Yielding softness pulled me into a deeper sleep.

Movement all around me, then on me; some of the heaviness peeled away. They were speaking in hushed, worried tones.

More voices, but they were lighter this time. Something felt different; smooth, delectable, skin on skin. They were both naked, rubbing me all over, generating more sublime heat. My mind was still hazy, but I reacted to their proximity. When I opened my eyes, they were leaning over me, smiling.

Sue cradled my face and pressed her hand over my midriff. “You look a lot better now, and you feel a lot better too.” She peppered me with little kisses.

Shadows danced on the walls; crackling logs sent them scurrying lower. My cheeks were burning from more than silken kisses.

We were beneath a sheet so I could see no more of them. Jen’s legs lay against mine, one on top and one to the side, tantalisingly open. She fed me again – nourishing, rejuvenating, revitalising me. With each spoonful she slid into my mouth, her breasts brushed my chest, and her labia grazed against my hip. I wanted her to sit on my face.

I ate slowly and enjoyed watching her tongue curling around her lips as if she was eating with me.

Sue dabbed her fingers in more water and trailed it over me. When she lingered, I exhaled the sensation in the pit of my stomach and stifled a moan through more mouthfuls of pleasure.

“Are you warm enough?”

I could only nod.

When Jen finished feeding me, she slid out from under the sheet. I caught her scent as I inhaled; light and musky. Her thighs glistened.

I watched her as she walked away; swinging hips and a curvy ass. My mouth went dry as she returned. I gulped down the last morsel and stifled an urge to jump her.

“You’re too warm now, aren’t you?”

Sue had my attention again. “Shall I take the sheet off?”

Without waiting for an answer, she flung it back.

Both were standing, legs apart, pulling my gaze into their smoothness. Pert breasts with erect nipples partially covered by long hair; hips that made my eyes curl. Hard bellies and long legs I wanted to trace. Pussies I wanted to fuck.

“A massage will help you feel better.”

When they giggled, I buried my head in the pillow to hold the vibrations there; I shivered through the resonance.

Warm oil dripped over my weary limbs; their hands rubbed it into me, and I felt more ripples up my spine. They parted my legs and brushed over the insides of my thighs.

Warmth flooded my midriff when fingernails slithered across my belly; I closed my eyes when they both kissed there. Sloppy sounds, wetness, as Jen inched towards my neck and Sue meandered lower.

Thoughts of coldness were banished. When Jen reached my mouth, I strangled a cry in my throat. She climbed on top, her breasts heavy on me, tongue thrust around mine. Spasms of pleasure as Sue’s hands stroked me; then she reached between Jen’s legs and played with her too. When they both moaned my name, my desire became violent. I smothered a need to dominate them.

Then a feather brushed over us and between our legs. Something leather-like tickled me, and I squirmed underneath her. More licking and biting, until I felt Jen oozing onto me; her moisture sliding along Sue’s tongue, dripping down the insides of my thighs.

Sweat trickled down Jen’s back. Two different kinds of breathless fed my quivers; one radiated hot and rough in my mouth, the other cool breeze between my legs. Faster they sucked and teased; Jen rocking above me, moaning my name, then Sue’s.

I grabbed Sue’s hand and our fingers interlaced as we shot inside Jen’s heat, spilling more luxurious moisture over my belly and legs. I slid further under her that I could see Sue biting into us. When I grabbed Jen’s breasts, I twisted and sucked hard until she came. Her spasms flowed through me like waves as I came too – my moisture sucked into the wet, stickiness of Sue’s mouth.

Jen whispered in my ear as our orgasms ripped through us. “I want you again, Liv!”

“Me too,” I whispered back. My fingernails dug into her as I arched further into Sue. When the ripples stopped, we were drenched in sweat.

I looked at them. Moisture, still on Sue’s lips, flamed my command.

“Lie on top of each other.”

The thought of licking both clits made me weak. I felt the heat rise inside me again as I slid my tongue into Sue, then Jen, fingering both of them too. When I felt them kissing up against my ass, I almost fainted.

As both girls entered me, I squirted into them; light-headed and fiery to the core.


About the Author: J.Peters, an emerging writer living in Ireland, loves reading and writing. 

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J.P. Auliveld Author Photo

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