May 2, 2018


Catherine and I designed our PowerJournal logo around a photograph that she took of the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Remember that?

The moon totally covered the sun and it actually got dark for a few minutes in some places.

Eclipses trigger powerful changes in our lives, usually beginnings and endings.  They inspire awakenings to new ways of thinking and living, along with new ideas to improve your life.

PowerJournal can do that for you.

It has done that for us, time and again.

We want to teach you how to use this technique that’s available to you 24 hours every day, to create a life that you love.

The photo is symbolic casting the sun as a ball of pure white light.  That signifies the pristine cosmic energy of the Universe that pulses through everything, including all the cells of your body, and the synopses firing with ideas in your brain.  Likewise, the background is blue, the color of communication and of course the limitless sky because it stretches up into infinite space.

As for the light beams, the orbs, and the opalescent touches — well, you tell us what that symbolizes to you.

The bottom line is, it’s all good, because PowerJournal is a gift you can give to yourself – an action you can take every day – to celebrate you and your purpose in this life.

Let’s get started, June 15. 

Please share your information below, and we will provide details soon on how to join the PowerJournal community.

We are excited to welcome you into the PowerJournal Community, which opens for membership on May 15.


Two Sisters, Elizabeth & Catherine


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