April 30, 2018


Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to change the way you think and live?

Are you craving adventure, excitement, better health, wealth, romance, and fulfillment… but don’t know how to create a life that delivers all that and more?

The answers are inside you.

And you can discover them when you PowerJournal.

Yes, it’s a verb.

It’s taking action with your pen to mine the depths of your heart and soul through writing techniques that bypass the B.S. that we sometimes tell ourselves, and get to the truth of the matter.

We developed the PowerJournal technique based on our two lifetimes of journaling since we were kids, watching our father journal at the dining room table every night.

Journaling has been such a transformative tool in our lives, we are launching our PowerJournal Community with many layers of membership so that you can learn how to PowerJournal into your best life.

Whether you just want to feel better, or lose weight, or make more money, or find your perfect partner, or write a book, we have a specific PowerJournal technique for you.

We are excited to welcome you into the PowerJournal Community, which opens for membership on June 15.


Two Sisters, Elizabeth & Catherine


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