April 29, 2018


Elizabeth always dreamed of being on The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

She journaled about it regularly.

At the same time, she was very overweight due to a huge weight gain during pregnancy. So she journaled about how she would lose 100 pounds. 

Fast forward…

Elizabeth was invited as a guest on Oprah!

She was flown to Chicago, and interviewed by Oprah about her weight loss success. During rehearsal, she found herself tingling with excitement that she had written about this moment… and it came true.

Then, as part of the report on the show, Oprah aired video of Elizabeth journaling in the Harpo Studios, about how writing had helped her shed 100 pounds and get fit! 

Elizabeth PowerJournaled her ability to lose 100 pounds and sculpt a body that Oprah actually showed on national TV of Elizabeth running in a bikini on the beach!

Elizabeth PowerJournaled her way onto The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

You can PowerJournal to achieve and attain anything you desire.

PowerJournal is a verb.

It’s an action that starts with your pen, some paper, and a dream.  

And it prompts action in your life.

We are excited to teach you how to PowerJournal, so you can write yourself into your best life.

Are you ready?

PowerJournal launches June 15, 2018, so please sign up below so we can send you more information soon.  


Two Sisters, Elizabeth & Catherine


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