July 24, 2019

“Dating by Books” by Kay Rae Chomic

Christina only dated readers, believing bookshelves provided personality evidence. She spent her first night with Oscar after seeing the meticulous way he arranged his books. Shelved by genre. Alphabetized by author. Memoir, poetry, thrillers. Self help—listening skills, intimacy and marriage, anger management. Gardening books on native landscapes, grasses, creating backyard ponds. Oscar joked he had already composted three marriages.

Christina put faith into those self help books. Evidence of a man trying to be better.

Too late, she discovered he only read the thrillers. The other books? Left behind by his ex-wives.


About the Author: Kay Rae Chomic is a novelist (A Tight Grip), and writer of flash. Publishing credits: Ellipsis Zine, Every Day Fiction, Hundred Heroines, Retreat West (shortlisted), LISP (semi-finalist), The Dribble Drabble Review, Storgy Magazine, Crack the Spine, Five:2:One, 50-Word Stories, Writer Advice, Two Sisters Writing, Hysteria 6, The First Line. Kay lives in Seattle dodging raindrops. https://www.amazon.com/author/kayraechomic
Instagram: @kaywritesinseattle

Kay Rae Chomic Author Photo

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