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Welcome to Two Sisters Writing & Publishing®. We specialize in books that are against-the-odds success stories, memoirs, business books, poetry collections, and provocative novels. We publish inspirational books that have uplifting messages. Our goal is to publish books that align with our philosophy of equality, justice, diversity, inclusion, and women’s and gender empowerment. We do not publish: horror, violence, any messages of hate, crime exposés, or topics that don’t vibe with our be-the-change mission. We’d love to help you find a great book to read, write your book, and/or publish your book.

Die Standing by Elmer DixonActivating Your Goddess Power
Joyously Free book coverI Don’t Believe It, We’re Good! The New Detroit Lions Cover

Book Publishing

We handle every detail to bring your book into the world, providing a personalized publishing experience for you and your book. As a “hybrid” publishing company, we provide a fusion of self-publishing and traditional publishing; you hire us to finesse all the minutiae and sometimes-mysterious steps involved in book publishing. All of our authors retain ownership rights of their books. We provide a personalized service for ordering books throughout the lifetime of your book.

Author Coaching

We help coaches, speakers, and people with great stories to make their book dreams a reality. Writers receive structure and guidance along every step of the journey. Whether you are just getting started or are committed to completing your book in as little as six months, join us in a private or group setting.

Writing Contest

Since we opened our figurative doors in 2016, we have been holding monthly writing contests. Our calls for submissions have ranged from themed contests (magical realism, romance, etc.) to diverse voices to erotica and more. Our winning stories are published on our website and featured in our annual international anthology called Sea Castle.

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  • Eleven Men Book Cover

    Eleven Men

    After her fairytale wedding led to a nightmare divorce, Sasha Maxwell selected ELEVEN MEN—one lover for every year that she…

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  • Healing Religious Hurt book cover

    Healing Religious Hurts

    Religion is supposed to provide the ultimate comfort, but sadly, it can sometimes inflict shame, guilt, pain and rejection, leaving…

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  • Joyously Free book cover

    Joyously Free

    Celebrate and empower the journey of LGBTQ+ individuals and the people who love them in a new, unique book: Joyously…

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  • Joy Notes Book Cover

    Joy Notes

    Embark on a transformative journey with Niobis Queiro's upcoming book, JOY NOTES: Balancing the Trauma with Triumph. This captivating masterpiece,…

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  • Bethany Boik Diary of a Schizophrenic book cover

    Diary of a Schizophrenic

    Bethany Boik’s horrific battle with schizoaffective disorder began when she was only 13 years old, and she chronicled the nightmare…

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  • Contains Recycled Parts book cover

    Contains Recycled Parts

    In this delightful memoir, Aimee Mackovic invites you on a journey that plunges toward death and soars to the highest…

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