Compost Happens

Growing a Flourishing Life Following Childhood Abuse

Diana Morgan Dean, Psy.D.

Categories: Self-Help


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Childhood sexual abuse… separation from her family… and doomed marriages. These traumatic experiences set the stage for Diana Morgan Dean to find healing and love, and then become a doctor of psychology who helps others heal. 

Now she’s sharing her captivating story in her memoir, Compost Happens: Growing a Flourishing Life Following Childhood Abuse.

Her journey of transforming childhood sexual abuse into compost to grow a flourishing life is a powerful reading experience that testifies to the power of resilience and hope.

Compost Happens will be published in hardcover, paperback and ebook. Pre-order your copies now!

  • Full Description

    Step into the inspiring world of Diana Morgan Dean’s Compost Happens: Growing a Flourishing Life Following Childhood Abuse. In this poignant memoir, Diana shares her remarkable journey of resilience and transformation, turning the pain of childhood sexual abuse into fertile ground for personal growth.

    At just thirteen years old and facing the heartache of losing her mother, Diana becomes the protector of her younger siblings amidst her father’s abusive behavior. But when circumstances force her away from her family, Diana embarks on a tumultuous quest spanning decades, seeking reconciliation and inner healing.

    Follow Diana’s path as she navigates through tumultuous relationships, diverse careers, and geographical shifts from coast to coast and beyond, including life on a sailboat. From secretary to minister, from newspaper photographer to neuropsychologist, each role contributes to her evolution and understanding of herself.

    Through her raw and honest storytelling, Diana reveals the profound truth that it’s through adversity and loss that one can find true healing and discover the love and family they’ve always longed for.

    Compost Happens is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the power of turning pain into growth. Join Diana as she shares her journey of finding strength, purpose, and ultimately, a flourishing life. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and hope in the face of adversity.

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  • Praise for Diana Morgan Dean, Psy.D.

    “This is a powerful and inspiring book of courage and healing from the trauma of sexual abuse. It tells the story of Diana’s remarkable life and her story of survival, love, the pain of longing for family, and her ultimate healing. The book deeply moved me, the way Diana shares her love and honesty through this painful journey, her remarkable courage in facing the harm of sexual abuse, and her own powerful story of survival in finding her authentic self and her “home.” I hope the book inspires others, as the book says, to ‘fly free as the butterfly tearing through the chrysalis.’”

    — Jane Pillinger, PhD
    International Consultant
    on Ending Gender-Based Violence

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