Diary of a Schizophrenic

Bethany Boik

Categories: Memoirs


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Bethany Boik’s horrific battle with schizoaffective disorder began when she was only 13 years old, and she chronicled the nightmare with poetry and journal entries.

The best-selling #1 Amazon New Release in the schizophrenia category showcases Bethany’s life-crushing journey and her refusal to give up on herself. Now a popular poet sharing inspiring messages in social media videos, Bethany continues her quest to shatter the stigma around mental illness. Read Diary of a Schizophrenic for her eloquent insights about her resilient spirit and mental health success story.

  • Full Description

    Please watch Bethany’s interview on MI Healthy Mind TV Show*

    She spiraled into a terrifying abyss of mental illness at age 13, and now in her thirties, Bethany Boik offers a disturbing and uplifting peek into the personal hell she has suffered and survived.

    In Diary of a Schizophrenic, Bethany’s poetry, journal entries and letters offer graphic details and insights into the mind, body and life of a teenager and young woman who loses control of herself, causing chaos in her schoolwork, friendships and family relationships. 

    Told through the lens of a woman stalked by suicidal urges, but determined to defeat her demons, this gripping memoir aims to educate people about schizoaffective disorder, while providing hope to those diagnosed with it, that they, too, can find peace and live a fulfilling life.

    Bethany describes psychotic episodes that landed her in clinics and hospitals; the stays were difficult but they helped her get the treatment she needed to stabilize her mental health. 

    Describes the long list of pharmaceutical drugs she has taken for schizoaffective disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and other ailments.

    Bethany also shares the beautiful blessings of friends, teachers, clinicians, her “found family” and her grandmother who provided the support she needed—emotionally, financially, medically and academically.

    Bethany Boik is a powerful testament to the power of a strong will to survive despite horrific voices and visions in her mind telling her to end her life.

    This book will open your mind and heart to the struggles and the successes of this courageous young woman who’s on a mission to help destigmatize mental illness and inspire those who suffer with it to live their best lives.


    * That’s Elizabeth Ann Atkins interviewing Bethany on the Emmy-nominated MI Healthy Mind TV show, which airs across Michigan every Sunday. The show is not affiliated with Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

  • Here is an excerpt from Diary of a Schizophrenic

    My name is Bethany and you are holding my diary. I decided I wanted to decrease the stigma surrounding schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder by baring it all in releasing my most vulnerable moments as a human.
    This is the story of me growing up, starting at age 13 to age 31, with severe mental illness. This is my way of showing you what it’s like to walk throughout my life with an illness that has, at times, broken my spirit, but never broke me. By sharing my story with you, I hope you get a better understanding of what it’s like to be seriously mentally ill and live life in a neurotypical world.
    On this day, I just want to be happy and undisturbed from my illness. Now it’s your chance to read the pages that helped me through my greatest suffering—and into my ultimate chance at changing people’s perspective. So, it’s your chance to read my diary… will you do it?
    You know my name and now you know I live with a form of schizophrenia called schizoaffective disorder. It’s a brain disease that affects most everything I do. Everything except love and care for my family and the love of my life. I have no idea where I’d be without him or my additional “found family.” I love them all to pieces.
    This book is a mental health diary I started putting together when I was 13 years old. That’s when I became mentally ill and started a journal, which I would use on occasion for the next 15 years. As the years went by, I captured a lot of powerful, sad and overwhelming moments. Heartbreaking episodes appeared again and again, but I realized I always came back up swinging. This journey not only shows you my story, but my art that I did during therapy and pictures at various stages to bring you as close to my life as possible. What is it really like to walk in my shoes as a person living with a form of schizophrenia?

  • Praise for Bethany Boik

    “Bethany Boik is a phenomenal woman who has stared down the terrifying beast of schizoaffective disorder and fought with all her might to triumph over horrific experiences that could have ended it all. Instead, she persevered, wrote about it, and now stands tall and proud as a shining example to others suffering from this insidious disease, to show that they can not only survive, but also thrive and live a wonderful life, as Bethany is doing every day.”

    —Elizabeth Ann Atkins
    Two Sisters Writing & Publishing

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    She’s a very eloquent speaker who is informed about symptoms, medications and diagnoses related to schizoaffective disorder, including hallucinations.

    Please watch Bethany’s interview on MI Healthy Mind TV Show* which has had more than 198,000 views on YouTube.

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    * That’s Elizabeth Ann Atkins interviewing Bethany on the Emmy-nominated MI Healthy Mind TV show, which airs across Michigan every Sunday. The show is not affiliated with Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.