Eleven Men

#1 First Love

Sasha Maxwell

Categories: Erotica


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After her fairytale wedding led to a nightmare divorce, Sasha Maxwell selected ELEVEN MEN—one lover for every year that she suffered sexual deprivation and one-way monogamy with her wicked, womanizing husband.  

Now Sasha Maxwell is rising from the ashes with a vengeance, landing a $25 million deal for her live-streaming video podcast, The Goddess Power Show—exploring the hottest topics about love, sex, and relationships—to help women experience their wildest desires.

That’s what she’s doing, as each sexy tryst with her ELEVEN MEN inspires shows with celebrity guests that make the airwaves blaze.  

Starting with: Why does our First Love have such a hold on our hearts for a lifetime? Book #1 in The Sasha Maxwell Series of ELEVEN MEN begins with her long-awaited reunion with her First Love. If love wins, she’ll cancel her 10-man sexcapade. But if it fails… Sasha Maxwell’s taking a very wild coast-to-coast ride—and she’s taking you along for every thrilling minute.

ELEVEN MEN: #1 First Love by Sasha Maxwell is available for presale and will be published as a paperback and in ebook on April 1, 2024. 

  • Full Description

    In the wake of a shattered fairytale marriage, Sasha Maxwell emerges from betrayal and financial ruin with fiery determination. 

    After her seven-figure public relations firm was decimated by her cheating husband’s malicious plot that left Sasha and their children struggling to survive, Sasha speaks out about the injustices that women endure. 

    Driven by her tumultuous past and fueled by a burning passion to empower others, Sasha launches The Goddess Power Show, a groundbreaking, live-streaming video podcast that tackles taboo topics surrounding love, sex, and relationships head-on. 

    With each episode, she fearlessly delves into the depths of desire, challenging outdated notions and advocating for sexual liberation with unapologetic fervor.

    The Goddess Power Show became so popular, so quickly, that she landed a $55 million deal to host her show five days a week on the world’s most popular live video streaming podcast platform.

    This empowers other women to learn from her lessons and explore new ways to live and love outside of society’s oppressive, hetero-monogamous template.

    But Sasha’s mission isn’t just about sparking conversation—it’s about living it. Inspired by her own experiences of sexual deprivation and heartbreak, she embarks on a daring rendezvous with ELEVEN MEN, each representing a year of her suffering in a loveless marriage. 

    As she explores her desires with each new lover, Sasha’s journey becomes the centerpiece of her show, captivating audiences with its raw authenticity and unabashed sensuality.

    The debut installment of The Sasha Maxwell Series, titled ELEVEN MEN: #1 First Love, chronicles Sasha’s electrifying reunion with her long-lost First Love—a pivotal moment that could alter the course of her quest. 

    Will love triumph over lust, or will Sasha continue her wild coast-to-coast odyssey, blazing a trail of passion and self-discovery?

    With unflinching candor and infectious charisma, Sasha Maxwell challenges societal norms and empowers women to embrace their sexuality without shame or fear. 

    Through her provocative show and daring escapades, she ignites a revolution, daring her audience to defy expectations and embrace their deepest desires.

    As Sasha’s journey unfolds, she invites readers to join her on a thrilling ride—one filled with passion, liberation, and the electrifying pursuit of personal fulfillment. 

    With each turn of the page, ELEVEN MEN: #1 First Love beckons readers to shed their inhibitions and embrace the wild, untamed spirit within.

    But Sasha’s story is just the beginning. 

    With future installments promised to explore the adventures of ELEVEN WOMEN and ELEVEN COUPLES, the saga of Sasha Maxwell promises to be a sassy, exhilarating ride—one that challenges conventions and celebrates the boundless possibilities of love, lust, and liberation.

    Bold, provocative, and irresistibly entertaining, the ELEVEN MEN series is more than just a book—it’s a manifesto for sexual empowerment and a rallying cry for women everywhere to embrace their wildest desires. 

    So buckle up and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with Sasha Maxwell—a journey that may just set you free.


    Coming next in The Sasha Maxwell Series is ELEVEN MEN: #2  THE BODYGUARD — Give Me Secret Service.

  • Here is an excerpt from Eleven Men

    Here is an excerpt from ELEVEN MEN: #1 First Love by Sasha Maxwell.
    Copyright 2024 © Sasha Maxwell
    The doors open.
    Oh. My. God.
    I freeze. Can’t smile. Can’t talk. Can’t breathe.
    Because I’m staring at Adonis.
    No wonder I’ve been infatuated with this man since forever.
    Now ladies, we all have our ideal man, right? I mean, as far as the physical is concerned. Well, Andrew fits all my criteria and then some. And now that he’s a grown-ass man, it defies words. Maybe it’s nostalgia or lust or longing, but when I look at him, I explode with adoration and all this emotion, and it enhances the visual bliss of his six-feet-three-inches of muscular bronze Roman warrior.
    That’s what he looks like in his white cotton tank top and loose-fitting white cotton shorts that bunch under a drawstring at his tapered waist. His gold-streaked, brown curls dance over his broad, sculpted shoulders. His face, with that wide jaw, is clean-shaven, and his skin is flawless.
    His eyes—
    I am dizzy.
    Oh my God, those eyes. I am lost in them.
    Wide-set under long, thin black brows, his eyes are like kaleidoscopes sparkling with jewels: gold, bronze, topaz, and tiny specks of jade, all tumbling over honey-hued velvet.
    Every second that he stares at me makes them rotate ever-so-slightly, changing the pattern into something even more beautiful. Framing that image are his lush black lashes, as long as my own, casting a smoky shade over the tenderness radiating from his and absorbing from mine.
    My lips, feeling sort of puffy and pouty from lust, are parted. My body is numb and on fire at the same time. That whirlpool inside me, from the traffic jam, it’s upside down, whirring up through my stomach, twisting up my esophagus, my throat—churning in a wild gush of emotion that might spew out as tears or laughter or a whisper of gratitude to God or a gasp or a moan or—
    “Andrew.” His name drizzles over my lips like warm honey.
    His head tilts slightly to the left; he extends his arms.
    A soft moan rises up from my soul as I step in, pressing my ear to the very center of his chest, a warm valley of muscle that cradles my cheek and side of my head.
    My entire being craves the impossible act of pressing myself into him, through him, inside him, so that our physical bodies are one.
    I inhale him, savoring a woodsy, spicy, very clean, musky man scent. The ultimate pheromones from this long-lost soul mate of mine register somewhere deep down, vaporizing my core; I close my eyes, steadying myself by extending my arms around his solid ribcage, my hands fanning over the ribbed cotton encasing his muscular back. I press my length against his, curving my shoulders inward as if to fuse our flesh. His pounding heart echoes in my ear; stinging tears burn through my closed lids.
    “Andrew,” I whisper. Without thinking, I bring one hand around, claw down his t-shirt just enough to press my cheek against the warm, baby-soft skin of his chest; I burrow my cheek, turning to rub my nose-my lips-my forehead-my other cheek-my ear and my lips again, all over him. “This is where I belong, trying to press right through you.”
    “So you can touch my soul,” he whispers. “You’re already there.”
    His arms pull me closer, his huge hands fanning up under my camisole. His fingertips tickle the smooth, super-sensitive skin of my back. I shiver. He runs them down the firm slopes of muscle around the valley of my spine; he slides his hands down into the waistband of my white denim skirt, over the fabric, down the juicylicious curve of my ass. And he squeezes.

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