Joy Notes

Balancing the Trauma with Triumph

Niobis Queiro

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Embark on a transformative journey with Niobis Queiro’s upcoming book, JOY NOTES: Balancing the Trauma with Triumph. This captivating masterpiece, penned by the celebrated motivational speaker, unveils Nio’s remarkable life story, enriched with poignant insights drawn from her Near Death Experience. The book is a harmonious blend of personal anecdotes and interviews with accomplished women who have triumphed over health traumas. 

With a foreword by the iconic Gloria Gaynor, the singer of the empowering anthem “I Will Survive,” JOY NOTES is set to be a symphony of resilience and empowerment. Through musical metaphors and the wisdom shared by these inspiring women, Niobis Queiro imparts lessons on navigating life’s challenges with grace and finding joy in every triumph. 

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

Order your copy now and be prepared to be uplifted, motivated, and empowered by the transformative tales within these pages. 


Get ready to find the secrets to healing, resilience and triumph when you read Niobis Queiro’s upcoming book, JOY NOTES: Balancing the Trauma with Triumph. A celebrated motivational speaker, Nio weaves a tapestry of inspiration drawn from her unique family history and Cuban American heritage. Through the highs and lows of her own health crises, she shares a compelling narrative that transcends the ordinary, encapsulating the transformative power of faith and the joy found in the universal language of music. In this uplifting journey, Nio invites readers to delve into her Near Death Experience, exploring the depths of despair and emerging stronger through the guiding light of faith and the cathartic joy found in music.

This unique memoir chronicles Nio’s personal journey and features interviews with accomplished women who have faced health traumas and emerged victorious. Their stories, interwoven with musical metaphors, offer a symphony of wisdom and lessons learned. 

With a foreword by Gloria Gaynor, the singer of the empowering anthem “I Will Survive,” the book promises a harmonious blend of empowerment and motivation. 

Published by Two Sisters Writing and Publishing®, a women-owned enterprise specializing in “against the odds success stories,” JOY NOTES is not just a book; it’s a testament to the strength within every woman to power through life’s challenges and succeed with joy.

Niobis Queiro’s motivational speaking career has touched countless lives, and JOY NOTES is a testament to her mission of empowering women personally and professionally. Her unwavering faith serves as a guiding force, allowing her to persevere through life’s pain. Delving into the transformative power of music, Nio shares how she finds joy in all genres, from the depths of despair to the exuberance of dancing and singing words of praise and gratitude. 

Pre-order your copy now and join Nio on a journey to discover the power within, turning life’s challenges into triumphs and embracing the joy that accompanies every step of the way.


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