Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel

Volume 1: Fire & Ice

Judy Bohning

Categories: Memoirs


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She survived the deadly MGM casino fire in Las Vegas… a train wreck… a car crash with a truck on an icy mountain… sexual assault… and many more traumas.

Now, in Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel, former Hollywood costume designer Judy Bohning shares her harrowing tales and the mindset that’s enabled her to survive and thrive despite these horrific experiences.

Throughout it all, she credits her guardian angel with protecting her in moments that could have been her last. This book will make you laugh, cry, and cherish life with newfound fortitude and gratitude. Enjoy the wild ride!

  • Full Description

    More than 20 years ago, Hollywood costume designer Judy Bohning remembers actor Martin Sheen urging her to write her remarkable life story in a book. At the time, she was writing a screenplay about her extraordinary experiences but shifted gears to compose Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel.

    Now, after an illustrious career of working with actresses such as Bette Davis and Betty White, and designer Bob Mackie, Judy reflected and wrote about the catastrophes that she survived over the decades.

    They include the deadly MGM Grand Casino fire… a car collision with a train… another car crash with a big truck on a slick mountain… and rape.

    Judy is sharing her stories that reference her protector, Guardian Angel Bob, to show that it’s possible to survive impossible situations and come out stronger for it.

    In this first in a series of books about her unique survival stories, Judy hopes that readers will be inspired to stay strong when circumstances seem insurmountable, and when painful struggles inspire the question, “Why me?”

    Judy has asked this question, over and over, with each shocking experience of her life, and believes she has survived to share her stories and show others that they, too, can beat the odds to come away from the crisis with gratitude, humility, and a powerful passion for living life to the fullest.

    Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel will give you all of the above, so read and enjoy!

    About the Author

    Judy Bohning’s decades-long career in Hollywood costume and design began with assignments for Bette Davis and ended with designs for Betty White, two of the greatest Bettys in the entertainment industry.

    Now happily retired in Southern Oregon, Judy presents Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel, the first in a series of books detailing her life’s shocking journey and the faith that helped her survive catastrophes that could have ended it all.

  • Here is an excerpt from Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel

    I suddenly heard voices in the hall:

    “Fire, fire, we’ve got to get out!”

    At that very moment, I could smell the smoke. It was a smell I will never forget. The smell of burning plastics, fabrics, chemicals from the paint, and God knows whatever else. It was unlike anything I had ever smelled before, nor do I care to again. Little did I know.

    “F**K!!!” I exclaimed. “FIRE!!! What the hell do I do now? Getting dressed would be a good start.”

    I tried to look out my window. The MGM building was built in the shape of a square, and my room was on the inside of the building with the theater down on ground level. This made the middle section above the theater like a chimney, with all the smoke barreling upward toward the sky. It was as if someone had painted my window black, it was so dark.


    You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. No backlight from under the hallway door, no light from the window, nothing. It was total darkness, with a very eerie quiet that went along with it for a brief moment. It was like someone turned off the audio and I could only see and smell.


    I have to admit, the thought of never seeing anyone I ever knew or loved again was a distinct possibility at the present moment. Inside, I was scared sh*tless, but something just clicked and switched me into another mode.

    Survival mode!

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