Memories of My Life

Reflections of a Former Nun Led by the Spirit

Rosalie G. Robles

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This inspiring memoir shares one woman’s story of hearing the call to become a Catholic nun, then committing years of service to help people while learning important life lessons and cultivating spiritual empowerment. She later marries a man and continues a life of service and good will. With a foreword by her cousin, Cheech Marin, best known for his comedic “Cheech and Chong” movies, this memoir is a witty, engaging reflection that will leave readers feeling joyous and peaceful.

Memories of My Life: Reflections of a Former Nun Led by the Spirit by Rosalie G. Robles will be published in hardcover, paperback and ebook on June 26, 2024. Pre-order your copies now!


She heard the call as a young girl growing up in a loving Mexican American family in Los Angeles, California. Then after high school, Rosie Robles joined the convent and became a Catholic nun. She enjoyed spending decades serving the Church, leading retreats, comforting people in hospice, and even counseling a man on death row. 

Then Rosie followed her heart to leave her religious community and embark on a new life, ultimately marrying and enjoying family life while continuing to serve people with her spiritual gifts. 

Now, in her engaging and inspiring memoir, Memories of My Life: Reflections of a Former Nun Led by the Spirit, Rosie shares her inspiring life story. 

The book includes a Foreword by Rosie’s cousin, Cheech Marin, the Hollywood movie star and comedian.

Though she expresses her reverence for God and the divine throughout the book, Rosie does not sugar-coat her religious experience. She writes candidly about how the Church hierarchy and parishioners alike restricted her as an ambitious and talented woman in the religious patriarchy, and how she questioned the existence of God. She also reveals incidents of inappropriate behavior by priests toward her, and how she counseled women who had been abused by priests.

All the while, Rosie’s witty storytelling escorts the reader along a unique trajectory during which she formed deep friendships, trusted God’s guidance and grace to lead her path, and enjoyed life’s simple pleasures.

Rosie also writes about the beautiful, lifelong love that her parents shared, and how she and her husband Ron and a care team kept them happy and comfortable until they went to heaven. 

This book is sure to warm your heart and renew your faith!

Hardcover: ISBN-13:  978-1-956879-60-5

Paperback ISBN:   978-1-956879-61-2

Ebook: ISBN:  978-1-956879-62-9


Hardcover, Paperback

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Excerpt From the Book

I stood in front of him, putting my hands on his shoulders. He leaned his head against my heart and said through labored breathing, “Rosie, there has got to be an easier way.”
I tilted his head up to meet my eyes, took a chance, and said, “There is. How about we take your mustard seed faith and hook it on to mine and let me pull you over!”
He looked at me and said, “Okay.” It was a weak “okay,” but an okay nonetheless. I prayed a simple prayer for peace, acceptance, and forgiveness, gave him a final cross and playful tap, and gently laid him back in his bed.
I stayed with him, holding his hand until his breathing changed, and he appeared to be resting comfortably. I gave a hug and blessing to his wife and told her to call me if he became agitated and wanted me to be with him. There were tears in her eyes, and she thanked me for “pulling him over into the Lord’s arms.” I left knowing that he was in God’s care and that my work with him was done.
My friend died later that evening. I had to let him go. I had grown to love him and respect his journey. It was not up to me to change his mind or convince him to believe the way I did. I gave that job back to God a long time ago.
I hope I was a blessing to him… he was a blessing to me as well.