The Biss Tribe: Activating Your Goddess Power

Elizabeth Ann Atkins

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Ladies, do you feel stuck in a self-sabotaging mindset… wrong relationships… and a lifestyle and work that are getting you nowhere but stressed, exhausted, angry, and even sick? All while your dreams are dying inside you? Are you scared to speak up, reveal the real you, and break away from the oppressive expectations that the world has imposed on you? Are you struggling to finally figure yourself out and create a life that you love? Do you want more power, pleasure, money, security, and peace?

Then it’s time to activate your female superpowers to create your unique, personal, and professional empire that you rule with a crown of confidence from a throne of power.

Learn how in the empowering new book, The Biss Tribe: Activating Your Goddess Power by Elizabeth Ann Atkins, which makes you feel like you’re on a retreat, taking you on a mind- and life-shifting trip up a mountainside. There, you immerse in intensive training at five Goddess Activation Stations to help you find your power, enjoy more pleasure, make more money, protect yourself, and find peace.

This book will be released in paperback and ebook on August 8, 2024. Please pre-order your copies now.


The Biss Tribe: Activating Your Goddess Power by Elizabeth Ann Atkins is written in a unique style that makes you feel like you’re on a retreat far away from your everyday reality.

That’s where you’re free to explore the depths of your mind, heart, and soul to excavate treasures and dreams that seem like impossible fantasies. But, as you master your superpowers at each Goddess Activation Station, alongside a group of dynamic women, you ascend to the mountaintop and enter Sea Goddess Castle, where you can finally “see” yourself as a Goddess capable of achieving the infinite possibilities of your life.

If this sounds fantastical, with thrones and crowns and castles, you’re right.

Because it’s time to have fun, let your imagination burst beyond all limitations, and shoot for the stars.

Being “realistic” and crushed by fear, worry, and doubt haven’t worked, so it’s time to tap into your powerful creative energy to make magic happen in your life. This book—along with Elizabeth’s retreats (see the Events tab), courses, and online community (stay tuned!)—all provide the solid, practical guidance you need to materialize your success.

Get ready because this journey shows you how to live bigger, better, and bolder to become a badass woman. A boss. An unapologetically bold, brave bitch. Doing you and getting what you want while serving yourself, your loved ones, and the world with an important mission that helps people everywhere.

It’s time to build your empire, love your life and illuminate the world. You can do it because you have the power!

And you can use it to create your most amazing life when you read The Biss Tribe: Activating Your Goddess Power by Elizabeth Ann Atkins.


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  • If the word Goddess makes you think of rainbows, butterflies and candle lit bubble baths… or being a diva with people bowing at your feet, fanning you with palm fronds while feeding you grapes and chocolates, think again.
    Goddess means being a bad ass woman.
    A boss.
    A bold, brave bitch when necessary.
    It means you boss up to yourself and life, to create the empire that you rule with a crown of confidence from a throne of power. It means you partake of all the best life has to offer in a realm of prosperity and pleasure that is divinely protected.
    It means you serve yourself, your loved ones and the world with an important mission that helps people everywhere.
    It means you’re activating your female superpowers to transform from the inside out, to ignite the fire of your spirit to shine brightly and illuminate the shadows where struggle, suffering and sadness lurk.
    It means you can draw on the mystical—even supernatural—powers of goddesses from cultures and mythologies around the globe—to empower yourself with their lessons and guidance.   
    Activating your Goddess Power does not mean being superior over anyone, or living in a disconnected fantasy world.
    On the contrary, it requires you to serve as a woman warrior in the modern world who turns pain into power, and commits to a divine life assignment, which is often inspired during our most difficult, traumatic moments.
    Goddess is that woman within you who’s screaming to escape—
    ·  the confines of your mind…
    ·  the relationships, work and situations that are toxic or oppressive or miserable…
    ·  the habits, mindsets, addictions and self-sabotaging behaviors that are robbing you of joy, money, confidence and wellness…
    ·  the expectations that other people have put on you that shaped you and your life into something you don’t love, and…
    ·  the fear, worry, doubt and anxiety that crushes your dreams and keeps you stuck.
    When you activate your Goddess Power, you say goodbye to everything that follows “should.”
    All the while, you define what Goddess means to you. It can mean anything: having pink hair, purple tattoos and piercings on your privates; becoming CEO of a company; being an innovative schoolteacher; running marathons; loving far away from conventional hetero-marital-monogamy; celebrating your unique sexual identity; innovating new concepts in art, culture, business and lifestyle; and anything you desire.
    Here in The Biss Tribe, you activate your powers to BE that, and DO that, all day, every day, every night, all night… for the rest of this lifetime.
    If you learn nothing else here, remember: your Goddess Power is pure energy. It’s the spark that keeps your heart beating, your brainwaves moving and your spirit dancing.
    In The Biss Tribe, you’ll learn the secret to activating and amplifying your greatest Goddess Power. It’s the energy of Creator, Source, Spirit, the Universe, God, the Divine, your Higher Self or the best word that aligns with your beliefs. 
    Goddess is the fire of your spirit. It’s like a volcanic eruption of golden, crimson and orange sparks exploding up through you, radiating outward and illuminating the path toward your greatest destiny.
    Now is the time, during your journey with The Biss Tribe, to allow the desires of your heart and soul to provide your marching orders as you conquer new territory and reign supreme on every level. As you do this, your purpose and passion dictate how and where you share your precious time and attention. 
    At the same time, you integrate the power of your mind, body and spirit to create a lifestyle that reveres your being as a sacred temple, and you allow nothing and no one to disrespect, degrade or devalue you.
    And you fiercely protect your queendom with boundaries that repel anyone or anything that doesn’t serve your highest good.
    When you join The Biss Tribe, you escape the confines of society’s rules and structures that have kept us oppressed. And you demand of yourself that you do the work to live up to your greatest potential.

  • The Goddess Power Retreat * August 8, 2023 * 7 to 9:30 pm Eastern
    Are you ready to activate your biggest, boldest power to experience your heart’s wildest desires in every part of your life?
    Then lavish yourself with self-love and self-care at the Goddess Power Retreat, where you learn simple techniques and mindset shifts that can transform you from the inside out and help you make manifesting magic. 
    This free, two- to three-hour virtual retreat is happening during the Lion’s Gate Portal, a celestial occurrence every August 8th when cosmic energies supercharge your power to create your wildest visions into 3-D reality.
    This retreat is inspired by the new book, The Biss Tribe: Activating Your Goddess Power by Elizabeth Ann Atkins, you’ll enjoy:
    An action-inspiring message from Elizabeth about why now is the time for you to finally go after what you truly desire and deserve, and how your first action steps await deep within you;
    An energy clearing and brief explanation of how energy works in and around our bodies, minds and spirits, and how to harness it to manifest your heart’s greatest desires and your life’s calling;
    A soothing, easy-to-follow, guided meditation to help you explore the depths of your heart and soul to tap into your truest self and your most decadent dreams;
    A journaling exercise to help you craft a strategy to manifest your personal and professional goals; 
    A worksheet exercise that helps you identify where you are, where you want to go, what’s blocking you, and how to blast past those blocks to become limitless and unstoppable in every way.
    If you’re ready to say YES! to all of the above and finally catapult into the YOU and the LIFE of your dreams, then please click here to register. If you can show proof of ordering Elizabeth’s new book, you’ll get a surprise gift. Order her book here: LINK TO BOOK ORDER PAGE PLEASE.
    The Goddess Power Retreat will be on August 8, 2023, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Eastern time, through the comfort of your favorite device on Zoom.
    Click here to register: