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Welcome to Two Sisters Writing & Publishing®. We specialize in books that are against-the-odds success stories, memoirs, business books, poetry collections, and provocative novels. We publish inspirational books that have uplifting messages. Our goal is to publish books that align with our philosophy of equality, justice, diversity, inclusion, and women’s and gender empowerment. We do not publish: horror, violence, any messages of hate, crime exposés, or topics that don’t vibe with our be-the-change mission. We’d love to help you find a great book to read, write your book, and/or publish your book.

Die Standing by Elmer DixonActivating Your Goddess Power
Joyously Free coverI Don’t Believe It, We’re Good! The New Detroit Lions Cover

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  • The Making Point cover

    The Making Point

    Cedric was an Army Ranger when he stepped on an IED in a bomb-rigged village in Afghanistan. Becoming a double…

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  • Die Standing by Elmer Dixon

    Die Standing

    His image—holding a rifle on the steps of the Washington state capitol building—is one of the most iconic photographs from…

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  • Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel Book Cover

    Memoirs of an Eccentric Angel

    She survived the deadly MGM casino fire in Las Vegas… a train wreck… a car crash with a truck on…

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