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Now you’re exploring publishing, but need guidance. The options seem overwhelming and confusing. Leave the work to the experts. Entrust your publishing success to Two Sisters Writing & Publishing.

We would be honored and grateful to help you bring your book into the world. We love helping new and experienced authors make this dream come true!

We handle every detail to bring your book into the world, providing a personalized publishing experience for you and your book.

As a “hybrid” publishing company, we handle all the steps required to publish your book. Hybrid means a fusion of self-publishing and traditional publishing; you hire us to finesse all the minutiae and sometimes-mysterious steps involved in book publishing.

We publish on the IngramSpark global distribution platform that includes, Barnes & Noble’s website, and 39,000 online retailers around the world.

This Print-On-Demand service enables you to order books that are printed and shipped anywhere in the world, in any quantity, as needed. You can also purchase books at manufacturing cost and sell them at a higher cover price. Royalty checks are mailed to you quarterly.

Join the dozens of judges, lawyers, executives, physicians, surgeons, healers, and leaders in business, government, and the nonprofit world who have published their memoirs, novels, poetry collections, journals, and business books with us since we opened our boutique, one-stop-shop in 2016. Check out our bookstore here.

Here’s what one of our bestselling authors—who was featured with his provocative memoir on the national TV show Extra!—says about us:

“When I decided to write and then publish my best-selling memoir, Enough to Be Dangerous, I decided to work with Elizabeth Ann Atkins and Catherine Greenspan of Two Sisters Writing & Publishing. I knew then and I know now—I made a great choice. Simple to work with, lots of honesty and integrity, and Elizabeth always returns calls and always has some good guidance. It has been my privilege to call Elizabeth not only my publisher but my dear and trusted friend and confidant.”

— Mort Meisner, Former TV News Executive, TV News Talent Agent, Mort Meisner & Associates

Now is your time! Let’s talk!

We handle the minutiae for you, including:

  1. Line editing and proofreading. We love words! And we make sure all of yours are as close to perfect as possible before we go to print. If your manuscript needs heavy editing and/or developmental editing and rewriting, we’re happy to provide that extra service for a price determined by the need. If your book is print-ready, we line-edit and proofread following the Chicago Manual of Style, and you’re on your way to becoming a published author.

  2. Orchestrating graphic design for your cover, as well as the interior layout of photos and formatting the manuscript to prepare for publishing. Graphic design services are invoiced separately because every book is different;

  3. Providing customized consultations and guidance on how your unique book should be designed and laid out with chapters, sections, photographs, and graphics;

  4. Writing photo captions;

  5. Writing the back cover copy as well as the text for the book jacket flaps;

  6. Assigning three (3) International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs): one per hardcover, paperback, and eBook. Think of ISBNs as your book’s social security number; they are used for registering your copyright and tracking sales; a separate ISBN is required for hardcover, paperback, and ebook;

  7. Helping you select a book size, as well as a custom black and white interior design concept with a choice of cream or white paper;

  8. Setting up your titles on our global publishing platform, IngramSpark;

  9. Registering your copyright with the U.S. Library of Congress;

  10. Writing a press release;

  11. Helping you craft a marketing and promotions strategy to build a buzz well in advance of the book’s publication;

  12. Promoting on the Two Sisters Writing & Publishing social media platforms;

  13. Pitching the book and author for media interviews (we highly recommend that authors partner with a publicist to guarantee media placements);

  14. Creating a pre-order page for your book at to begin taking pre-orders as soon as your book cover is designed and finalized;

  15. Offering you the opportunity to join The Two Sisters Writing & Publishing Virtual Speakers Agency, which is under construction now. This website will showcase you as a paid speaker on the topics of your book;

  16. Allowing you as the author to retain all ownership rights of your book; and

  17. Providing personalized service for ordering books throughout the lifetime of your book.

So, are you ready to get published?

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