April 22, 2019

“Submerge: Natasha” by Begoña Montesinos

Navigating through the bluest of the oceans, I found myself magically lost, swimming among unrestrained currents or should I say swaying in sensually intriguing waters which are to make August out of February? Ah! Those mellow waters are to be part of her very personal Universe where our souls peacefully reside and softly stumble upon. But where is the impalpable rudder that takes you to the vivid land of the glaring sandy shores? Can you hear it? It is to be the childish waves which are to silently play at night at her brace, conjuring ancient spells that are to be enchantingly felt in my craving skin.

By whispering delicate melodies in my ear, creating a precious symphony that is to embrace my halo, she, my enchanted muse, is to celebrate life by caressing my soul gently to evoke those sweet memories engraved in my inner smile which are to wildly rock my boat every day of my very own existence. Had it been envisaged earlier, I would have steered the fiercest of the seas to reach her magnificence. Thus I was aching for her to kindly kiss my hand as if that were to be my eager will: to conquer her sacred world. Where are you at, my aura-to-be?

Her secret aroma was calling me without using words, that is, the antique canon of words was to be encoded for her to laggardly hypnotize me, revolutionize me, overemphasize me, making me feel unique, elegantly wasted in time. Can you feel it, my adorable muse?

Her lava hair is to awake my numb senses and swim across my body, but then I wonder if this ethereal feeling is a delusion or rather an intangible fantasy of mine. Trying to reach her sumptuous hair I grow higher, and I am capable of listening to its music: the very same rhythm that her precious hair is to shape when dancing freely in the air, having our blue heaven as a fortunate spectator, that of the angels whom I am to adore in her. Come to me, please, as I am certainly imploring you to cuddle me with your soothing symphony.

“Please synchronize my soul with yours for good”, I use to murmur to her.

An unspeakable truth that has become my very urgent reality. And such an inspiring wish is to dwell in me.

Ah! Her sensual lips are to conquer my growing hunger and desperately climb my desire when I am to stare at them, wishing them to be my furtive armor where my timid breath definitely craves to softly land at night. When are those beautiful strong pink lips of hers going to be undressed for eternity?

Time is to be felt as the combative enemy which is to fight slowly, peaceful warrior on sight. And it is envious of their quintessence wonderful presence, not allowing them to run free and be admired by every living creature on Mother Earth as that, I believe, is to be their manifest destiny.

And I constantly visualize myself delightfully strayed in her tangible world, a parallel cosmos where the moving stars are to naughtily twinkle and project their colored light onto us, humans, giving us the occasion to ascend within. And I elevate above moving clouds mysteriously slowly, desperately trying to reach her angelical hands for them to take me to the land of never ending love where we are supposed to get magically mislaid, that of the floating nirvana.

I, sentient, lost in You, begging for eternity to reveal its clue in my dreams. And thus I find my inspiring heaven in You.

My eyes that are shut are willing to open hers in a despairing attempt to bring her to my rocky castle where my inert thoughts are playing dead out of feeling numb but…why are they to hide in infinite passages? Are these thoughts of mine to unlock doors to be free as strangers to my own self? Who will unlock back doors for them to wildly detach from me? Who will answer the unanswered questions now? Where is our human condition to be stranded? Is it engraved in the land of the free born? Temporarily my feet are to step down her road, beautifully following her leading path, that of the restless creatures who are to dictate our horizon while being drafted in a bright palette.

And I was to turn back to the stairs when I descried a heavenly silhouette that is to mark my way, bending it to her side which seems to inevitably fade away and depart in the distance. Ah! My ethereal muse! Why are you to sensually dance just to vanish minutes later? A voracious appetite for life and its anciently encrypted meaning is to magically evolve in the most suffocating quest, that is, a hunt to free soloing her steep rock until exhaustion makes its way for my raw hands to land smoothly in her scrumptious terrain.

Oh Lord! I highly envision her-out of this world-precious eyelashes smiling errantly at me as if they were about to gentle my tremulous being in an attempt to wondrously allure my senses. Ah! Allure, such an evoking word that is to draw each tiny corner of my shape in slow motion.

And this breathless blistering life is to bring her to my Universe where the pullulating stars are to collide constantly, insinuating empty spaces which are to impatiently wait to be filled with living emotions. Ah! I am to blur myself for them to implode violently and breathe, turning me into her sacred halo to exhale as one. And I wander around her, desperately calling her to be my brave guide and ultimately confess: confess to the secrets of her universe to be revealed.

She, my enchanted muse, is to whisper to the stars to funnily play around and distract me from my mission, as if she were a divine child protecting the ancient secrets of our world.

“Ssshh”…the breeze gently muttered to me.


About the Author: Bego Montesinos is an English teacher who works at a bilingual school in Tenerife, Spain. An educator who really enjoys what she does, that is, getting to inspire others and motivate them to be better and have a precious smile within.

She considers herself to be lucky enough to teach and learn on the process as education is a unique tool. She believes in the power of love and follows her heart at all times. She sees empathy as the most powerful weapon to be known as it can really change the world.

She loves to travel around the world as traveling is to be her passion: it is what defines her as a person. She also loves to read and write and she ultimately takes photographs as she walks this life through mysterious paths.

She does believe in humans and their ability to draw picturesque landscapes where others just see a deep void. The future is in us. Rise!

Her fiction has also been accepted for publication in Down in the Dirt magazine and currently can be read online in http://scars.tv/cgi-bin/works_e.pl?/home/users/web/b929/us.scars/perl/text-writings/g8404.txt

·       email: bego.montesinos@gmail.com

·       Instagram: tricky_b47 (explore the world through my lens!)

·       Twitter: @tricky_b47

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