December 5, 2023

The Power of Collaboration: Why You Need Help Writing Your Book

Have you ever tried to write a book?

At first you were excited.

Until overwhelm, confusion and impatience conspired to create a bad case of writer’s block.

Lack of confidence in your writing skills may also helped kill the dream of becoming a published author.

So now the book remains unwritten.

And you’ve almost given up on the dream of becoming a published author whose message can entertain, inspire and instruct people everywhere. Even change and save lives.

That’s the seemingly impossible fantasy, because the reality is quite discouraging.

Why? Trying to write a book alone is very difficult.

It’s an extremely solitary pursuit that has been wrongly romanticized by the image of a writer, holed up in a secluded cabin, penning the next great novel.

Solitude is great when you do the actual writing.

But to make your book a success, you need collaboration, support, and assistance.

You need a team.

Yes, writing and publishing a book requires a team, as bestselling author Mort Meisner wrote on his blog about writing, publishing and promoting his memoir, Enough to Be Dangerous.

The successful TV news talent agent writes in the blog post called, “Giving Birth” to a Memoir, that he could not have done it without his ghostwriter, Stephanie Ruopp, his editor, Elizabeth Ann Atkins, his publishers, Elizabeth and Catherine M. Greenspan, his graphic designer and wife Leslie Mangas, and many others on his team.

“Elizabeth and Catherine M. Greenspan are the two-woman force behind Two Sisters Writing & Publishing,” Mort wrote on the blog.

“They were excited to join the birthing team and wielded their amazing writing, editing, and publishing prowess to keep the ball rolling and move the ‘delivery’ along. They have been crucial in the final phases of truly bringing the book to life.”

Similarly, bestselling author Joanie Lindenmeyer talks in an interview on the Two Sisters Writing & Publishing YouTube Channel about how she recruited her team of artists, tech support folks and many others as she worked with book coach Elizabeth Ann Atkins to write her bestselling LGBTQ+ memoir, Nun Better: An Amazing Love Story, about her 40-year relationship with Carol Tierheimer.

“Never in a million years could I have done this alone,” Joanie says. “I needed my team, every step of the way, starting with Elizabeth, my book coach, because I’d never written a book before. My team also includes Catherine, who helped me with the business and financial aspects of being an author, which I had never thought about before, and are very important.”

The Myth of the Solitary Writer

Despite this reality, the myth of the solitary writer persists, but the truth is, writing a book involves so many challenges that can be daunting to face alone. From the moment that idea pops into your head, to the final draft and publication, the journey is an obstacle course rigged with writer’s block, self-doubt, lack of direction, and more. These challenges can be overwhelming, causing too many aspiring authors to abandon their projects altogether.

“I’m stuck,” one writer recently texted to book coach Elizabeth Ann Atkins, who sent a quick note back to get them “unstuck” and back into their genius writing zone to complete their novel.

The Importance of Support

Having help while writing a book is not a sign of weakness. It helps you understand the complexities of the craft. You need support in various forms—a writing coach, an editor, a ghostwriter, a tech support team (especially if you’re not the best on computers), a social media manager, a graphic designer, a promotions team, and more. These folks provide invaluable assistance at different stages of the writing process.

If you don’t know people who can handle these tasks for free and/or in a competent way, then please visit to find freelance people for hire who can get the work done for you. Every fiverr experience we’ve had here at Two Sisters Writing & Publishing has resulted in excellent work for a reasonable price‚ and is usually completed very quickly.

So Let’s Look at the Benefits of Collaboration

1.   Fresh Perspective: Working with other people brings fresh perspectives and new ideas to your project. Feedback from someone with a different viewpoint can elevate your work to new heights.

2.   Accountability and Motivation: A book coach or writing group provide accountability, keeping you on track with deadlines and goals. This motivation shatters self-doubt and writer’s block.

3.   Expertise and Guidance: Seeking help from professionals in the field—such as an editor, a ghostwriter, or a literary agent—can provide guidance and expertise that elevate the quality of your work and put it in the hands of people who can perfect it and present it to the best audiences.

4.   Efficiency and Productivity: Delegating tasks or seeking assistance where you need it can significantly improve efficiency. It allows you to focus on your strengths while delegating tasks that might not be your forte.

The Role of Editors

Editors play a monumental role in the writing process. They are not just grammar police; they are your partners in refining and polishing your work. From structural edits that help shape the narrative to line edits that fine-tune the prose, editors bring a trained eye that can transform a manuscript.

If you need an excellent editor, we recommend Natalia Aponte, a phenomenal veteran of the New York City book publishing industry and founder of Aponte Editorial Services. Natalia’s expertise guided Elizabeth as she wrote and revised her first three novels that were published by the Tor/Forge imprint at St. Martin’s Press in New York, where Natalia was an editor.

Navigating Complexities with a GhostWriter

If the story you want to tell is clear in your mind but challenging to articulate on paper, you need a ghostwriter.

“I just don’t want to do all that work to write it myself,” confessed one of Two Sisters Writing & Publishing’s newest ghostwriting clients.  “I want you to write the book for me. Besides, I’m too busy running my business to devote all that time to trying to write my first book.”

For aspiring authors like this, a ghostwriter saves the day. Elizabeth prefers to call herself an “AngelWriter” as she interviews the authors and others, then uses her writing prowess and experience of writing 40+ books to bring each author’s vision to life. As a “literary chameleon,” she shares a gift that is extremely important.

“Everyone who reads my book says it sounds like I wrote it,” says Herman Williams, MD, author of Clear! Living the Life You Didn’t Dream Of, because Elizabeth wrote it from my voice.”

The same praise comes from former U.S. Army Master Sergeant Cedric King, whose book, The Making Point: How to Succeed When You’re at Your Breaking Point, shares the profound you-can-do-it success messages that make him an extraordinary, full-time motivational speaker.

“Elizabeth and Catherine wrote this book in a way that makes me sound even better than myself,” says Cedric, whose stories are inspired by his survival of a bomb blast that took his legs while serving in Afghanistan. Now the triathlete says, “My book is touching lives of people everywhere who may never have the chance to hear me speak.”

Building a Supportive Community

Joining writing groups, attending workshops, or participating in online events can provide a sense of belonging and support. For example, Two Sisters Writing & Publishing is collaborating with The Detroit Writing Room and The New York Writing Room to present a virtual workshop, How to Get Your Book Published, on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EST.

Connecting with fellow writers who understand the highs and lows of the writing process can be incredibly reassuring and beneficial. Learn more about how The Detroit Writing Room and The New York Writing Room can connect you with a community of writers, book coaches, literary agents and others who can support your book writing dream.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Writing a book is a deeply personal endeavor, and self-doubt often creeps in at various stages. Your support system helps smash this negativity. Surrounding yourself with people who believe in your project can boost your confidence and reignite your passion for telling your unique story.

Celebrating Success Together

No amount of money can quantify the excitement you’ll feel when you finish your book!  Celebrating this with your support network will make your success even sweeter. Whether it’s your writing group, editor, promotions team or ghostwriter, celebrating milestones together fosters camaraderie and accomplishment.

In Conclusion

Writing a book is a monumental task—one that often requires much more than just individual effort. Embracing collaboration and seeking help does not diminish your abilities as a writer; rather, it enhances the final product. From receiving guidance and expertise to finding motivation and support, the journey of writing a book with your team becomes more manageable and fulfilling when others help you along the way, from start to finish and beyond.

In the end, the story you want to tell is yours, but the journey to bring it to life should be a collaborative effort that enriches the entire process… and takes you all the way to the bestseller lists and most importantly, into the hands, hearts and minds of people whose lives can change for the better when they read your book!

Learn more about how Two Sisters Writing & Publishing can help you write and publish your book with book coaching and publishing services.  

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