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About Two Sisters

Address: 18530 Mack Ave., Suite 166, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

We are Elizabeth Ann Atkins and Catherine Marie Atkins Greenspan, and we are bringing blockbuster books to life for remarkable people across America.  We are your one-stop shop that starts with your book’s concept and concludes with publishing your book on a global distribution platform.

Our lifelong passion for reading and writing, as well as our extensive experience with writing, editing, and publishing books, inspired us to merge our talents and co-found Two Sisters Writing and Publishing to sell and promote the novels and non-fiction books that we write, as well as the books that we compose and publish for our clients, in our virtual storefront.

We also co-founded Atkins & Greenspan Writing to provide ghostwriting services for books that can chronicle your life legacy; bolster your brand and special expertise; showcase your empowering messages about how you triumphed over tragedy and now help others; attract paid speaking engagements and media interviews, and provide a significant new income stream.

We believe that if you want to share your words of wisdom with the world, you should do so.

We are honored to help you live that dream as a published author.  Our impeccable wordsmithing skills, coupled with our exceptional ability to serve as literary chameleons who can compose your book in your unique “voice,” enable us to create captivating, inspiring, and informative books on any topic.

Our clients include leaders in government, business, and global humanitarian endeavors, as well as physicians, spiritual and religious leaders, experts in the fitness and weight loss industries, and everyday people who simply have great stories to share.

We tailor our services to meet your needs by first helping you focus on your topic.  Then we interview you and individuals pertinent to the book while conducting relevant research to compile compelling content.  After that, we do the writing and editing.  We handle every detail, including designing your book cover, registering your work for copyright with the Library of Congress, and obtaining your ISBN and barcode.

Then we publish your book and ebook and book on Ingram Spark, which is backed by the world’s largest book distribution network, Ingram Book Group.  There, we establish your author page to help boost your sales, and finally, provide you with our royalty management services.

We can meet you at any step in the publishing process.  For example, suppose you’ve already written your book. In that case, we can polish and publish your manuscript, enabling you to immediately start promoting your message and profiting from book sales and royalties.

You can also purchase unlimited copies of your book via this Print on Demand platform, and sell them at speaking engagements, conferences, book parties, book club gatherings, and other events.

The benefits of bringing your unique book to life include:

  1. Helping people improve their lives by learning your expertise in business, spirituality, wellness, life, finance, education, and more;
  2. Making a big splash in the local and national media;
  3. Garnering paid speaking engagements for you;
  4. Attracting new clients;
  5. Generating a new stream of income from book sales;
  6. Bolstering your “brand” and establishing you as an expert in your field;
  7. Serving as your inspiring testimony about how you triumphed over disease, divorce, depression, abuse, emotional or physical trauma, a natural disaster, war, and other devastating experiences;
  8. Becoming required reading in college courses pertaining to your topic;
  9. Chronicling your life story in your own words for your children and future generations;
  10. Accomplishing something you’ve always dreamed about, and are now achieving.

Address: 18530 Mack Ave., Suite 166, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

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The Sisters

Two sisters from Michigan founded a publishing company to help female and minority voices be heard.

  • Elizabeth Atkins

  • Catherine Greenspan